Team Bourgon RE/MAX is proud to present its unique real estate auction service. Of increasing popularity in major centers, this method of accelerated marketing is actually one of the oldest selling techniques. In a few lines here, we present the main applications of this service but if you have interest, we recommend an appointment in person in order to better understand all the benefits.

Any person or company wishing to dispose quickly of a property at its fair market value. Whether any land, income property, a business or a luxury home, there are many motivations: moving to a retirement homes, divorce and property splits, running out of business, notice of bank recovery, health problems, or just the sale of an immovable  having dragged too long on the market.

With an exceptional ad campaing, we gather the most potential buyers in a particular place and time in order to create competition for the purchase of the property. The traditional method of selling real estate is to display a selling price and expect a trading down. In contrast, our accelerated sales process usually ends in a sale at higher price than the listing value. Reaching more leads and imposing a deadline creates emergency among interested buyers. Registered prospects are certainly the most interested buyers. The fact that they are placed in competition at a specific time allows us to hope for a sale at fair market value. Prospects must present a proof of financial qualification to participate in the auction.

A faster transaction allows the owner to save important maintenance expenses: property taxes, regular maintenance and repairs, energy, insurance, mortgage interest and other charges. Although there are no fee payable by the seller, the legal protections are in place. Our service is governed by the self-regulatory organization of the Québec Real Estate Brokerage (OACIQ) and our liability insurance is in force in the same way as in a traditional real estate transaction. We also adhere to the code of ethics of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). Our experience and training are your guarantee of a professional and efficient service.

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